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Books and Writing Competitions

The „Knygos Lietuvai“  project led by Dr. Rožė Šomkaitė has enriched Lithuania's school libraries with much needed books on national history  and literature. The LNF also supports writing competitions for students and helped schools sponsor guest writers to read their creations and tell about their writing process. 

Kindergarden and  School Events

The LNF helps kindergarden classes and established schools receive new equipment.

Getting To Know Lithuania

The LNF helps Lithuanian schools in Kaliningrad, Belarus, and Lithuania's rural communites travel to well-known Lithuanian historical sites.

High School Support

THE LNF helped establish  Garleivos J. Lukso High School and often provides scholarships for its  graduates. Scholarships are also given to Lavoriškos High School students.

Backpack Program

Nijolė Bražėnaitės-Paronetto, has led the „Backpack Program“  for several years starting in 2006. Over 600 backpacks are distributed every fall. Thanks to Nijole, almost all of the first graders in the eastern part of Lithuania have been equipped.

Lithuanian National Foundation Inc.

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